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Design & Ergonomics Evaluation

Design & Ergonomics Evaluation

Design & Ergonomics Evaluation

Full-size model of the proposed equipment made of inexpensive materials, mainly low cost steel (1.5 mm thick), used for design evaluation purposes.

Mock-ups are mainly required to acquire feedback for custom supplies: ergonomics and geometry of the proposed equipment can be easily double-checked by both the designers and end-users, as well as the consistency of the equipment to the intended objectives included in the technical specification.

The cost of mock-ups is often more than rewarded as they avoid going into production with a design which might need later improvements.

The design of the proposed equipment is split in two parts:

  • General Design Phase (GDP): ventilation and construction strategies are completely defined, commercial components are selected, HMI configuration is made
  • Detailed Design Phase (DDP): production drawings and definitive list of components are completely made, all purchase orders are placed

A mock-up can be manufactured and tested at the end of the GDP.