Tema Sinergie

Shielded Doors

Shielded Doors

Tema Sinergie, thanks to the experience gained with the construction of radioprotection shielded devices, can provide customizable solutions for shielded doors:

  • Plug-door leading to the cyclotron bunker made of a concrete block sliding orthogonally to the doorway -  Mod.PSF-CCM
  • Shielded hinged door for bunkers with self-shielded cyclotrons – Mod.PSH1-CB
  • Sliding or hinged shielded doors installed into Radiotherapy bunkers for treatment units (LINAC, Cobalt units,....) - Mod. PSF and Mod. PSH
  • Customized shielded doors to be installed in bunkers for non-distructive tests – Mod.CPB

Tema Sinergie can offer optimal solutions in terms of

  • Continuity in door-bunker shielding
  • Easy and silent running and possibility of manual opening in case of emergency
  • Wide supply of safety devices (safety edges, emergency stops, signaling lights, photocells...)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Customized shielding material (lead, concrete, steel, cadmium, paraffin/borate polyethylene) at customized thicknesses