Tema Sinergie



Bleeding edge technologies and data processing techniques have been definitely setting the pace in modern Radiotherapy. Thus outstanding achievements, which were inconceivable only a few years ago, have been reached in this field today. Moreover, specialized firms and companies operating in this field have been acting as main players in most of the latest Radiotherapy improvements thanks, to their remarkable investment policies in research, innovation and the development of systems and equipments.

Being such a solid company offering a wide range of products, solutions and services, Tema Sinergie represents an undisputed reference point for Radiotherapy in Italy, since it can actually provide complete and groundbreaking solutions ranging from dosimetry and QA to patient positioning, from treatment plans systems to hypofractioning solutions, from shielded bunker doors to RFID solutions for patient safety and processes traceability. Tema Sinergie has the skills to keep up which have the latest developments with the best potential to take advantage of its considerable experience and a valuable know-how gained in almost thirty years of activity.